Air Freight

WSL presents efficient air service with more than 30 agents worldwide. Also have Lognet , WCA contact agents thus ensure air shipment with fast and efficient service with reliable airlines. We have experts to serve customer to provide on time shipments update and handle air freight shipments in the safest and most economical manner. We ensure shipments following our local teams, coupled with the support of major carriers to reduce any risk of delays of our shipments. Our website enables our customers to manage their Import/Export shipments online 24/7.

Air Freight : Import

WSL has expertise to handle high volume worldwide air import shipment and have local and overseas expert to ensure on time fly from origin and ensure connecting flight from hub and on time ETA at destination. Thus our air import volume is increasing significantly for its unique service. We have also expertise for after sales service to solve any shipment’s problem after its execution.

Air Freight : Export

Beside Air Import our experts can ensure air export shipment with efficient and smooth fly.

We offer:

1. Door-to-Door
2. Transportation of DG /hazardous shipment
3. Project shipment
4. Full customs clearance service ( Have own Clearing agent at Dhaka airport with big setup)
5. Efficient cargo handling at airport ( specially at Dhaka airport )
6. Documentation.